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Microbiome data science: R tutorial

Open government data analytics: various tutorials

Finnish geospatial data visualization in R

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A framework for creating and assessing exercises for R courses (presented in UseR2017!)

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National policy and executive plan by the higher education and research community for 2021-2025 Policy component 1 – Open access to educational resources (2020) DOI:10.23847/isbn.9789525995251

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Blog on open data analytics (rOpenGov)

Versus online journal for science popularization.

Video lectures and interviews

Integrating open science in the humanities: the case of computational history Springer-Nature blog post and links to the streamed presentations 11/2019

Microcosm within us: gut microbiome Science Cafe, Turku, Finland 3/2018

Open science interview University of Helsinki, Finland 2/2014

Apps4Finland interview Helsinki, 9/2012

Dependency Modeling Toolkit, ICML/MLSS Workshop. Haifa, Israel 6/2010