Our research focuses on computational analysis of complex natural and social systems. There is a great demand for targeted computational techniques to extract information and insights from rich data collections based on clever combinations of human and machine intelligence. We blend elements from fields such as machine learning/AI, probabilistic programming, statistical ecology, and data science, and drive open developer communities that help to translate latest theoretical advances into accessible methods to inform modeling, experimentation, and decision-making. For a full list of publications check this page.

Computational and data science: selected examples

Exit time as a measure of ecological resilience
Arani B, Nes E, Lahti L, Carpenter S & Scheffer M.
Science 372(6547), 2021

Wrangling with non-standard data
Mäkelä E, Lagus K, Lahti L, Säily T, Tolonen M, Hämäläinen M, Kaislaniemi S & Nevalainen T.
Proc. Digital humanities in the nordic countries 2612, 2020

Retrieval and analysis of eurostat open data with the eurostat package
Lahti L, Huovari J, Kainu M & Biecek P.
The R Journal 9(1), 2017

Three-species lotka-volterra model with respect to caputo and caputo-fabrizio fractional operators
Khalighi M, Eftekhari L, Hosseinpour S & Lahti L.
Symmetry 13, 2020

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