R package geofi for Finnish geospatial data

Finnish Geospatial data access and visualization in R The rOpenGov network released a new R package for Finnish geospatial data access & visualization: geofi R package now available in CRAN! More info will follow.

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European Bioconductor Meeting 2020

Presentations at EuroBioc2020 At the European Bioconducutor Meeting EuroBioc2020, Dec 14-18, 2020, we will give a short talk, birds of a feather session, and a poster on the emerging R ecosystem for microbiome research. Links to the material: Poster Short talk slides Birds-of-a-feather workshop TBA Dedicated class structures are fundamental for the R/Bioconductor ecosystem. In microbiome research, the phyloseq class has become a commonly accepted standard. However, recent developments in Bioconductor classes and growing sample sizes have opened up new opportunities and requirements to extend this popular format in order to address emerging research needs.

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rOpenGov website renewed and new hetu R package published!

New rOpenGov homepage and hetu R package The rOpenGov project homepage for open government data analytics has now moved to a new address, and substantially revised. Read more at https://ropengov.org/! In addition, the new hetu R package for Finnish identification numbers (persons, companies) has been released.

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