Our research focuses on computational analysis and understanding of complex natural and social systems. There is a great demand for targeted computational techniques to extract information and insights from rich data collections based on clever combinations of human and machine intelligence. We blend elements from fields such as machine learning/AI, probabilistic programming, statistical ecology, and data science, and drive open developer communities that help to translate latest theoretical advances into accessible methods to inform modeling, experimentation, and decision-making. Key applications include microbiome research, population cohort studies, and computational social sciences and humanities (SSH). We also coordinate the Open Knowledge Finland Open Science work group, which received Open Science and Research award of the Ministry of Education and Culture in 2017.

Recent publications

Below some examples from recent publications. See ORCID for a full list. Full publication list is also available as bibtex Copies of most papers are available here.

Open science

Alchemy & algorithms: perspectives on the philosophy and history of open science
RIO Journal 2017.
Lahti L, da Silva F, Laine MP, Lähteenoja V, Tolonen M.

Open education and educational resources. National policy and executive plan by the higher education and research community for 2021-2025 - Policy component 1: Open access to educational resources
Responsible Research Series 16:2020. Helsinki, Finland. Published by the Committee for Public Information (TJNK) and Federation of Finnish Learned Societies (TSV) .

Open Research Policy / Avoimen tutkimuksen politiikka
University of Turku, OpenUTU work group, 2018.

Opening academic publishing: development and application of systematic evaluation criteria. Report on the openness of major scientific publishers
Finnish IT Center for Science (CSC) and Ministry of Education and Culture, Open Science and Research Initiative (ATT). 2018.
Björk A, Paavolainen J-M, Ropponen T, Laakso M, Lahti L.